You Are Beloved

Heartbroken. Unworthy. Not enough. Fake.

I have been feeling so empty lately. Longing for something to fill the voids of my lonely heart. In my desperation, I allowed fear and earthly approval make a home inside of me. I let things and people so deep in my heart that I didn’t realize the damage they were actually doing.

If you find yourself in a season similar to the one I’m in –

  • Listen to Beloved by Jordan Feliz. Keep this message close to your heart at all times.
  •  Remember God is for you, never against you. He is with you when you go through deep waters (Isaiah 43:2).
  • Pray. God always answers prayers. Maybe He doesn’t give you the answer you think you want, but His plan and His timing is always better than anything we could ever imagine.

God restores broken hearts. He makes us whole. We are worthy – worthy of love, Gods grace and mercy, and so much more.

romans 9 25.jpgImage via Pinterest

God help me to remember that I am Yours and that You alone fill my heart with purpose and love. Help me to show Your love and goodness to others today.

with love, Jana

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