Thank You Lord

After a recent fellowship with a new friend, I feel lead to reflect on how truly blessed I am and give thanks to the One who makes all of it possible.

10 Things I’m Thankful For


Sunrises, sunsets, oceans, mountains, forests, animals, etc. God made us a beautiful place to live! I’m reminded of His goodness anytime I look out and view this world with a thankful heart. One of my favorite places to catch a glimpse of His beauty is on my way home.

Starbucks (& double star day)

Thank you Jesus for grande iced white chocolate mocha with no whip cream in the summertime! Starbucks is my jam since their coffee is more like a dessert and they offer an app that lets you earn rewards. During the month of June, I was blessed enough to have had my drink paid for twice! If that’s not a gift from the Lord, then I don’t know what is.


Praise the Lord for Paid Time Off! As much as I love my job, I love my sanity even more. Sometimes when you love something so much and let it consume your everything you get burnt out. It is so refreshing to come back to work with a renewed excitement after a few days off.


I just love love! How could you not? I am so thankful for the everlasting love that the Lord shows us. And one day, when the time is right, God will present me with the man He made for me to love. But until then, I will keep on loving Him and everything He provides for me.


I have become quiet the book hoarder over the past few months. Books are an amazing escape and they typically help me learn something new and improve my life – yes I love self-help books! My friend Colleen noticed that I have been getting into reading a lot more lately and recommended that I get a library card (why didn’t I think of that?). So I am thankful for the public library system!


The Lord knew I needed a family who constantly supports me, makes me laugh and feeds me. I don’t think I can emphasis the “feeds me” part enough….. But really, God gave me an amazing family. I couldn’t imagine my life without being close to them. Even though they joke that they found me under a rock or that my siblings are going to sell me when my parents die, they are my foundation and I am so thankful to have them. I know I don’t say it enough, but I appreciate and love y’all!


I am so extremely thankful for good friends! I have such a love and support system from them that I hope everyone experiences in this life. Thank you guys for always listening to me complain about my latest inconveniences, liking ALLLLLLL of my Instagram pics, getting tattoos, running marathons without training, spending every holiday with me and letting me know that I’m not a loser for not having a valentines date for the 3rd year in a roll (but who’s counting?), pushing me to better myself, and so much more!


Thank you Jesus for taking away what I thought I needed and giving me what I truly need: fellowship. Thank you for putting inspiring people in my life and giving me the opportunity to grow deeper with You in a loving and supporting community.


Thank You Lord for letting us have free and constant communication with You. Thank You for hearing my prayers and giving me the answers and comfort I need. Thank You for allowing me to grow closer and more intimate with You. Thank You, thank You, thank You Jesus!


Lord knows I’m thankful for clothes and makeup and all things frilly and girly! Lord also knows that my bank account is less thankful. The good Lord has provided me with my dream job in the fashion industry and with all the fashion necessities that go along with this. I am thankful that my God is bigger (and more abundant) than my bank account!


thankful heart.jpgImage via Pinterest.

Lord please give me a thankful heart each day. Help me to see all of Your marvelous works even on my darkest of days.

with love, Jana

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